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Artist Biography

Born in New York City, I studied Classics and Art History at New York University and Art History at New School for Social Research. After college, I worked as a costume designer on a variety of productions, classic and modern. Later, I worked as a stylist for commercial photographers on fashion and catalogue shoots.

I heard of very few women artists when I was growing up. My “second mother” Anne was a painter. As far as Anne was concerned, art was her religion. She also had a full life with a husband, a daughter, friends. Later, I worked as Studio Assistant to the painter, Balcombe Greene. There, I saw that if you worked every day, at the end of a year you have a body of work. At that time, I also began working as an artists’ model, a career which is still my day job.

My Dad died when I was five and I was raised by my mother as an only child. Our relationship was complex and sometimes difficult. Some wonderful things came out of it. She gave me an appreciation of the sensual world and the notion that beautiful things matter; sometimes, it is enough for there to be a perfect spring day to balance out the rest of it.

About 15 years ago, I began producing my first collages. I have been making art continually since then and have shown work in venues across the country.

Selected Exhibitions

Group Shows

2008  2nd Annual Juried Show,  Prince Street Gallery,  New York, NY
2007  Small Works,  Tri County Arts Council,  Cobleskill, NY (Juried)
2007  3rd Annual Juried Exhibition,  Palm Beach Community College,  Lake Worth, FL
2007  1st Annual Juried Show,  Prince Street Gallery,  New York, NY
2006  Experimentation,  Brooklyn Waterfront Artists,  Brooklyn, NY
2006  Old School, New School, No School,  Carbon County Cultural Project,  Jim Thorpe, PA (Juried)
2006  Small Works,  Tri County Arts Council,  Cobleskill, NY (Juried)
2006  Summer Non-Members Show,  Salmagundi Club,  New York, NY (Juried)
2006  Atlantic Avenue ArtWalk,  Gumbo,  Brooklyn, NY
2006  Generations V,  A.I.R. Gallery,  New York, NY (Juried)
2006  Collage Artists of America,  VIVA Gallery,  Sherman Oaks, CA (Juried)
2003  Gallerie Chiz,  Pittsburgh, PA
2002-2003  Gumbo,  Brooklyn, NY
2002  New Century Gallery,  New York, NY (Collage/Assemblage Society)
2001  Nexus,  New York, NY (Collage/Assemblage Society)
2001  New Century Gallery,  New York, NY (Collage/Assemblage Society)
2001  Artbuilders,  Jersey City, NJ (Members/Juried)
1997-2001  Gallerie Chiz,  Pittsburgh, PA