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As long as I can remember I've seen pictures in my mind. Some are stories - some are fragments of a tale, just out of reach - beautiful but never quite accessible. I make collages to complete these pictures, to bring their stories into focus. It is often abstractly beautiful even while it tells an appalling story.

I'm originally a costume designer, a way to create a story on stage, in a picture frame. Magazine photos are very cheap. It is easy to obtain them. Early on, I set myself a few rules. Since the early collagists, Picasso and Braque used objet trouve, one rule I had was that I would not make photocopies of images. I do find duplicates and use these to a surreal doubling effect. Nothing in our world is ever not complex and that's fascinating.

Purchasing Images

All of the collages shown here are available as art-quality inkjet prints on acid-free art paper.

17" x 22" (unframed) $300
8" x 12" (unframed) $150

To order, or for more information, contact me at